Ministry Teams

To proclaim Jesus is Lord requires the work of the whole congregation. In I Corinthians 12 we are told there are many gifts bestowed upon us and one Spirit who gives all the gifts. In order for us to reach our potential in furthering the Kingdom of God, our call is to be one (unified) and at the same time, make sure every individual is using their gifts for the glory of God.

Ministry Teams allow members of the congregation to participate in the areas they are gifted and effective. Ministry teams allow the ministries of the church to collaborate and unify in the work the Spirit leads EPC to do. Ministry Teams also allow the form of government we as Presbyterians work under to flow from session to congregation and from congregation to session.

Ministry teams are made up of elders currently serving on the session and persons from the EPC congregation.   The  Missions Teams meet on the first Monday of every month (except December, January and July) following the Monday Prayer Service.  The Congregational Care Team meets the first Wednesday at 10:45 am in the church library.  The remaining teams meet when they need to.
Currently, we have 7 teams:
Congregational Care
Stan Neighbors, Elder Chair

Keen Gravely, Elder Chair
 Nancy Kirkwood, Elder Chair

Phil Briggs, Chair
Building & Grounds
Johnny Long, Elder Co-Chair
Henry Dancy, Elder Co-Chair
Karen Rose, Elder Chair
Paulette Pitt, Chair